Pennsylvania Model Kynessa Ashley Rose Rising Star Takes on New Agent & Hollywood PR Firm

Model & Actress Kynessa Ashley Rose is now being represented by Hollywood Press Chics and Brittany Carter Acting & Modeling Agency


Mechanicsburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/29/2014 -- Kynessa Ashley Rose signs with Hollywood Press Chics PR Company and Britany Carter Casting and Modeling Agency.

Kynessa is taking the world by storm Hollywood style! Kynessa is available for castings, movies, voice over talent, sitcoms and print modeling.

Kynessa always had a desire to work in the world of entertainment. Her beauty coupled with her amazing childhood story as well as her passion and caring for children, will send this young lady soaring into the world of stardom!

Kynessa proves that she is much more than her beauty. Kynessa has overcome personal struggles and obstacles that she now shares with fellow youth. She desires to be an inspiration to other young women.

Kynessa is currently one of the runner ups for a new Disney Style Animatoin Voice over! Stay tuned to see which character she becomes!

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About Ashley Rivers
My name is Ashley Rivers but I go by Kynessa Ashley Rose as a stage name. I was born in Bangkok Thailand on March 16, 1995. My birth mother gave me up for adoption immediately after she found out she was pregnant with me. After spending two years with a foster family, I had been blessed by getting adopted from a wonderful loving American family! They brought me over to the United States where I would live with them as well as my brother who was adopted from Vietnam. As a child I loved Disney movies. My personal favorite was Peter Pan. I fell in love with the character as well as the movie because it taught me one of the hardest but most valuable lessons of all time; Growing up is not easy, but you should never lose your inner child. Even though he is just a made up character written by Sir James Barrie, he was pretty much the one who inspired me to use my imagination and to always live for adventure. My parents as well as friends, and family motivate me to succeed in every day life.

Without them I have no idea where I would be. I have gone through a lot and they have been with me through everything. God is also another big motivation in my life. I never realized how big of an impact he has made on my life till now, and I am forever in his debt. I love singing, dancing, acting, modeling, working with kids and making people happy. If I make a person smile it will make my day knowing that I made them laugh or smile at one point. I speak out against bullying both cyber and non-cyber because I was bullied a lot when I was in school. Bullying is one thing I cannot tolerate. I also can’t tolerate people who abuse or neglect children as well as anyone. On a random note, I absolutely cannot stand Tinkerbelle. I feel she’s stealing Peter Pan’s spotlight and also is a man stealer (Peter Pan is mine). I am currently residing in Pennsylvania working at Hershey Park and also as a student at college. My dreams are one day to make a change in the world and to inspire many people to reach their goals. I hope to do that with acting, singing, or just by talking to people. I am very blessed to be giving amazing opportunities!

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This young lady is inspirational and has an awesome story to tell! We can't wait to see more of her!