PennTech Machinery Corporation

Pennsylvania Organization Provides Extensive Equipment for Aseptic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Warminster, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2015 -- Located in culturally and industrially-rich Warminster, Pennsylvania, the PennTech Machinery Corporation is considered to be a leader in the production and manufacturing of equipment for the pharmaceutical aseptic manufacturing process. The PennTech Machinery Corporation is currently announcing that they are available to provide and manufacture a wide variety of equipment and products specifically dedicated to aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing.

PennTech Machinery Corporation is a fairly young and innovative engineering organization focused on designing groundbreaking equipment that is both efficient and effective, which is needed for the stringent regulations provided to companies by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Their mottoes are both, "Less is More" and "Smaller is Better." They are always trying to create more efficient equipment that does the same job with less power and less space. The PennTech Machinery Corporation prides themselves on innovations with speed and manufacturing efficiency.

The PennTech Machinery Corporation's RW-250 Vial Washer illustrates some of the latest in aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing technology engineering. The vial washing system requires minimal human contact with the sterilized vials unlike many vial washers on the market today. In order to comply with the manufacturing practices outlined by pharmaceutical industries, the RW-250 Vial Washer uses two separate manifolds for air and water to greatly reduce vial contamination. The RW-250 also uses 50-75% less water than typical vial washing systems. The PennTech Machinery Corporation offers a variety of other vial washing machines as well, including the RW-500, the RW-800 and a variety of external vial washers. Consult an expert from PennTech Machinery Corporation to learn which machine is the best choice for any particular need or industry.

Vial washers are just one product engineered by the PennTech Machinery Corporation. They also manufacture a variety of tray and tunnel loading systems in order to feed vials into machines safely and in a sterile fashion. PennTech also provides some of the safest and most efficient sterilization tunnels to ensure appropriate sterilization takes place. All of these products work together to create a high-quality environment for aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Individuals interested in contacting the PennTech Machinery Corporation can reach them by phone at 215.396.2200. Likewise, they can be reached through contact form available on their website. Returning and prospective clientele from overseas can reach PennTech Machinery Corporation through the corresponding contact information available on their website.

About PennTech Machinery Corporation
PennTech Machinery Corporation is a Warminster, Pennsylvania, organization providing aseptic manufacturing for pharmaceutical processing worldwide. They provide high-end vial washing, sterilization and depyrogenation equipment for biotechnology, pharmaceutical and animal health organizations. Every year their sterilization and aseptic manufacturing expertise helps organizations reach compliance with FDA sterilization validation procedures. Reach them by phone at 215-397-2200.

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