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Penny Stock Prophet - Secrets to Turning $1000 Into 1 Million


Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- Penny Stock Prophet is a newsletter that gives information on undervalued stocks and predicts when they might move. The information provided can help to dramatically increase returns and reduce the risk of losing money. There are a number of people who’ve since followed this system and have seen some dramatic results.

James Connelly is the man behind the creation of Penny Stock Prophet. He has developed a unique formula that can identify breakout stocks before they start to move. This is not software or a robot but is in fact a real person giving advice on penny stocks. With his system it is possible with just $1,000 to reach millionaire status in as little as 38 trades.

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James' newsletter offers penny stock alerts that come from his own independent research and lists the reasons why a particular stock is about to climb in value. His newsletter teaches how to set limit orders so that orders will be executed automatically. This means no more sitting and watching the stock all day and waiting to see if the stock should be sold or not. Trading done on autopilot!

Using a metric system James developed he can easily predict a positive price movement 24-48 hours in advance, thus allowing his subscribers more than enough time to buy-in cheap and sell later for a profit. James designed his system with both newbies and experienced traders in mind and it will provide information to succeed in the penny stock market.

There is also information on what other important penny stock newsletters and in fact James gives information on picks from his various colleagues regarding other profitable stocks.

Get Your Lifetime Subscription for the Penny Stock Prophet Newsletter

Here’s what subscribers get with Penny Stock Prophet:

- The Penny Stock Prophet is basically a list of some unique penny stock picks that promises profits. These stock picks are selected using a unique system that can easily predict positive price movements.
- Members will receive a list with two prices. The first price represents the point where the penny stocks should be bought and the other price is where they should be sold.
- After paying a one-time membership charge of $97, members will get a lifetime membership to the Penny Stock Prophet club and will receive a list of stock picks every week.

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Joining James’ Penny Stock newsletter will allow access to his system and trading of his selected penny stocks each week. If profit hasn’t been made within 8 weeks, he will refund 100% of the membership fee.