'Pennies to Fortunes' E-Book Published by Peter Leeds

Authored by Peter Leeds himself, ‘Pennies to Fortunes’ is an E-book that helps traders learn how to trade well and select penny stocks with high prospects.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Investment guru and team leader, Peter Leeds also publishes a regular newsletter after thorough research and analysis using the 29-Point Leeds Analysis process. The top penny stocks that have been picked through Peter Leeds’ analysis have gone on to outperform the market.

One representative at Peter Leeds’ organization claims, “The tips that Peter Leeds provides through his contributions in books and journals are all valuable once implemented and studied carefully by the prospective investor. In this book Peter preaches the secrets of successful penny stock trading and 3 important things NOT to do while investing.”

He also says, “With the valuable inputs by the author himself and his plethora of information including articles, press releases, blog entries, and reports regularly featured on the website, Leeds gives all of his readers an opportunity to make themselves superior penny stock traders.”

The educational content by Peter Leeds is valuable only when readers take the time to understand the strategies and follow them step by step. Investors can increase their annual returns significantly by following the advice from Peter and his team; however, if readers don’t take the time to understand the strategies that are being taught it can do more damage than good. Similarly, traders need to read the 3 don’ts that are discussed in the E-book in order to learn how to avoid some of the common mistakes that are made by investors.

Peter Leeds claims that the vast majority of all of the money that is lost in the stock markets is a direct result of violating The 3 Don’ts. Therefore, traders should avoid them at all costs, no matter how tempting.

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