Peter Leeds Announces a Free 14 Day Trial Subscription to His Penny Stocks Guide


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2013 -- The Penny Stocks Guide is a newsletter authored by the expert penny stock analyst Peter Leeds and offers investors invaluable tips on how to get started in penny stock trading. Brokers and traders can take advantage of this free trial and get instant access to new penny stock picks every day, buy and sell prices and more.

Using his fundamental analysis honed over many years, Peter Leeds discovers the best valued penny stocks in the market. The team pores over the financial reports of hundreds of companies to find firms of outstanding quality with superior prospects for long-term growth.

The team looks for a company’s future earnings trends, its efficiency compared to competitors, and the soundness of its financial structure. All these elements are listed and featured in their Penny Stocks Guide.

Their job at is to provide the most accurate public information on the top penny stocks in the market so that investors can profit from their investment.

The trick is finding the top penny stock and avoids the duds. The criteria for selecting these profitable stocks are the same for all the stocks: through fundamental analysis. Investors should assess the company and look at aspects like viability of the product, profitability, resilience and management and so on.

There is great potential for these small companies to grow, especially if investors are armed with the proper knowledge that the Peter Leeds Penny Stocks Guide offers.

About Peter Leeds
Peter Leeds is an expert penny stocks professional. He with his team publishes Peter Leeds Penny Stocks, an online newsletter that's instantly accessible when you take your free trial. Leading the industry for over 12 years and having provided more than 32,000 subscriptions, The Penny Stocks Guide is one of the most popular financial newsletters in North America. As a leading expert on penny stocks, Peter Leeds is frequently contacted by top media organizations like CNNfn, NBC, CBS, and FOX for his comments and views.

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