Penny Stocks Network Announces Site Upgrade and Expansion

The penny stocks network has announced a significant expansion of their web site at in order to further assist new and inexperienced investors, while protecting them from the common dangers in penny stocks.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2012 -- According to Peter Leeds, publisher of the penny stocks network, and author of 'Invest in Penny Stocks,' some major changes are coming to their online properties.

Leeds mentions that effective immediately, and with further advancements in the coming months, the penny stocks network will undergo a significant expansion of their web site located at . Leeds states that the amount of content is being increased several fold, but the purpose will remain unchanged - specifically to introduce investors to penny stocks, while protecting them from the downside risks.

Since 2000, the penny stocks network has provided unbiased and realistic information to traders of all skill levels who are interested in getting involved with penny stocks. From techniques to avoid the numerous and common pitfalls in penny stocks, to tactics for finding the best, low-priced investments, the penny stocks network has always been a helping hand for less experienced traders.

The penny stocks network is also affiliated with the Coalition for Ethical Investment Practices, which stands against misleading promotional information in the penny stock markets.

"With an expanded online presence, and a growing depth of information, our penny stocks network web site will be even more effective in helping protect investors from the downfalls in low priced shares," comments Leeds. "We'll be able to do an even better job of steering people away from the shady companies, and leading them towards the truly high quality and best penny stocks that can make a difference to them."

Look for changes to the penny stocks network web site at, starting immediately, and for further adjustments to take place in the coming months. According to Leeds, this will all lead up to the creation of one solid and trustworthy point of first contact for penny stock traders.

About Peter Leeds
Author of "Invest in Penny Stocks" [John Wiley & Sons], and publisher of the Peter Leeds penny stock newsletter, Leeds has always worked diligently to protect investors from the easily avoidable pitfalls of trading penny stocks, while steering them towards the truly highest quality companies, which just happen to be trading at low prices because they are new or undiscovered.