Now Traders Can Receive 100% Unbiased Top Penny Stocks Research by Peter Leeds

Peter Leeds, a leading finance and investment guru, is offering 100% unbiased penny stock research for traders and investors. He and his team provide stock picks and “buy” recommendations that come from an extensive experience and financial analysis.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- Peter Leeds’ organization never engages itself in any kind of unethical practices like Scalping or “pump and dump” strategies They do not take trading positions in any of the stocks that they recommend to newsletter readers. The sole goal of this financial newsletter provider is to uncover the picks that will give maximum benefits to the subscribers.

“Some of the other industry newsletters buy stock in a specific company and then hype it to subscribers. As the penny stock's price peaks, the service stops talking up the shares and dumps them all at a fat profit. After the "pump and dump," the penny stock's price collapses and subscribers are left holding the bag. We never buy or sell any of the stocks that we recommend, or in any way benefit from the trading in their shares. All employees and directors are prohibited from taking a trading position or having any form of vested interest in the companies selected by us”, added a spokesperson at Peter Leeds organization.

With Peter Leeds, online newsletter traders can have completely unbiased access to the daily updates with the hottest penny stocks. This information is quite helpful and allows investors to decide wisely and generate profits. These newsletters also include quick reports on undervalued or undiscovered penny stocks with updated buy and sell prices.

Peter Leeds is a renowned name in the penny stocks trading market. In fact, numerous media outlets have invited him for interviews and discussions about penny stocks. His knowledge and expertise is available and appreciated worldwide.

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