Peter Leeds Announces Presale Copies of "Penny Stocks for Dummies" Are Now Available


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- Peter Leeds, the expert on investing in penny stocks, is pleased to announce the upcoming release of his newest book, “Penny Stocks for Dummies.” The work will be available wherever books are sold as of April 22nd, but interested readers can save by purchasing now.

Leeds is also the author of “Invest in Penny Stocks,” with both made available by renowned publisher John Wiley & Sons. According to a representative of Wiley, the Dummies books are their premiere brand, and they provide actionable and clear details about any topic so that people are able to get up to speed quickly and without a ton of reading or study.

Trading penny stocks profitably,” mentions Leeds, “involves numerous concepts, but none are complicated on their own. The Dummies approach was the perfect way to make all the information easily accessible so that readers could immediately begin applying it and benefiting.”

Leeds now adds “Penny Stocks for Dummies” to his numerous credentials, which also includes his world famous Peter Leeds Penny Stocks newsletter, which has sold over 35,000 subscriptions. Leeds is a public speaker and is often interviewed by top media outlets from NBC, CBS, Fox, and CNNfn, to alternative outlets such as Russia Today and Business Excellence Magazine.

Penny Stocks for Dummies is available online through, Barnes & Noble (, and various other sources such as direct from John Wiley & Sons. As of April 22nd, the work will be available on the shelves of all popular book stores. The retail price is $25.99, but pre-sales can help readers save as much as 48% when purchased early through sites such as

Autographed copies of both books about penny stocks by Leeds are also available on his site at

“Penny Stocks for Dummies expands on many topics, while introducing several which I had not previously discussed,” says Leeds. “There is no work even closely comparable to the degree of detail and guidance that Penny Stocks for Dummies provides.”