Pension Tracing Service Announces Plan to Offer Valuable Help to Pensioners


Fareham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- Pension Tracing Service announces the availability of its services to all pensioners in the United Kingdom. This is good news to all pensioners who have difficulty in tracking the whereabouts of their pensions. With the help of Pension Tracing Services, they can now locate where their pensions have been diverted to, and cash in on them immediately.

With the help of this company, a pensioner can now locate any Serps pension that he may have misplaced or lost. Pension Tracing Service has a simple plan on how this can be done. First, the pensioner needs to fill up and submit an online form that contains pertinent information about the pensioner. Second, Pension Tracing will complete all the necessary documentations.

Third, when the documentation is completed, the forms will be given back to the pensioner for his signature. Fourth, Pension Tracing will request the information the pensioner is looking for by giving the documents to the providers who will start the search to locate the Serps pension. Fifth, once the information of the whereabouts of the pension is received, Pension Tracing will do a pension review and confer with the pensioner about the information received and answer any questions that the pensioner may have.

With this 5 simple process, Pension Tracing Services will not only help the pensioner locate his pension but will also conduct a full pension review and explain the situation in detail so that the pensioner will fully understand the situation.

About Pension Tracing Services
This company is a trading style Beals Mortgage & Finance Services which is an appointed representative of Intrinsic Financial Planning Ltd. & Intrinsic Mortgage Planning Ltd. They have been providing these services for the past 18 years to pensioners in the UK.

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