Pensioner Jozsef Birges Starts Crowdfunding Campaign to Create "The Yes We Can Foundation"

“The Yes We Can Foundation” is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to improving people’s lives in every possible way. The funding budget for this outstanding initiative from Jozsef Birges is $99,000.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2017 -- Jozsef Birges, a pensioner, always had a desire to touch as many lives as he can. This dream has led him to the creation of the "The Yes We Can Foundation" a non-profit charity organization that will provide funding support for individual as well as community causes regardless of size.

Jozsef informs that "The Yes We Can Foundation" first call to business will be "Good Dental Health World Wide". This is because most of people's health problems come from BAD DENTAL HYGIEN" problems like: Cardiovascular disease, Dementia, Respiratory infections, Diabetic complications, Pregnancy complications, Infertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Cancer, Kidney Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

In the future as The Yes We Can Foundation is growing it will be involved in all types funding initiatives for other projects including:

- Building a homeless shelter
- Funding social housing for displaced families
- Funding home deposits for those that can't raise enough deposit for a new home
- Providing dental and medical care for those who cannot afford it
- Funding eye treatment, like glaucoma operations etc
- Helping a working parent with day care services
- Providing prosthetic limb to children
- Any other worthwhile cause.

As a pensioner, Jozsef has limited means for this enormous project. He has recently started a crowdfunding campaign via Go Fund Me to raise $99,000 to make his dream come true. Funds raised from this campaign will cover the following expenses.

- Complete all paperwork that is required by the government for registration of the charity
- Purchase office furniture and equipment for a base of operations e.g. internet, computers, printers, phones, etc
- Develop and maintain a web and social media presence
- Software to track and handle donations for the charity.
- Create promotional items such as flyers and posters
- Internet and social media professionals for advertising
- Employ staff and recruit volunteers to manage the office
- Lottery draw system – for continuous funding for the YWCF

Once The Yes We Can Foundation is up and running it will be 100% self-funding through a lottery system, to help people anywhere, any country and any race. We do not discriminate.

Inviting funding support for his project, Jozsef said, "Every dollar donated counts. Big or small, your donations all add up and help, and we appreciate your help, and we thank you. For those that wish to donate larger amounts, we have an investment incentive package. Please contact us if you wish to donate more than $200."

To find out more about The Yes We Can Foundation, please visit

About The Yes We Can Foundation
A brainchild of Jozsef Birges, The Yes We Can Foundation is an upcoming non-profit charity organization that has been created to make a positive impact on people's lives. The foundation will provide funding assistance to support a wide range of worthwhile causes, for both communities as well as individuals.