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People Are Eagerly Awaiting to See Addiction, the Next Film of Sabrina Culver

She Is Fast Becoming A Sought - After Actress In The Indie Film World And Is Now Producing And Starring in Addiction


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- Film actress, Sabrina Culver, who has acted as a birth mom in the short film 'ReMoved' takes pride in saying that she has written and is producing the film 'Addiction.' She is starring in it also. The film deals with the issue of Love Addiction that is a human behavior. Those who are affected by this become addicted to the feeling of being in love. These people may embrace various kinds of behaviors. Though such an addiction of obsessive love may be a common phenomenon, those who are affected by it may not even realize that they are addicted to it.

It was filmmaker Nathanael Matanick who made the film 'ReMoved' and the film was loved by millions of people. According to Nathanael Matanick, he and his wife were in the process of becoming foster parents and when they researched about becoming adoptive parents, they were inspired to produce the film. They are now in the process of making 'ReMoved' Part 2. Nathanael Matanick says the intention of making ReMoved and its Part 2 is to show as well as feel outside of themselves.

It was Sabrina Culver's portrayal of a birth mom in the film 'ReMoved' - Part I that caught the attention and touched the hearts of millions of viewers. Foster parents as well as former foster youth were able to connect with the film. The former group of people could connect with it because they might also be struggling to believe in the child and the youth might have felt that they were revisiting the trauma they had undergone. Ironically, the film touched the emotions of even uninvolved people who never had a chance to consider the experiences of a foster child.

ReMoved - Part I depicts the emotional and traumatic journey of a girl who was removed from her home and placed in the foster care system. Sabrina Culver was nominated twice under the category of 'Best Supporting Actress.' She even won the award in the St.Tropez International Film Festival.

Sabrina Culver's portrayal of the role has made many people realize the essence of the Foster Care System. Those who have seen the film and who are likely to face such situations may now be able to handle them. Her performance in the film has catapulted her celebrity status into the stratosphere and she is now one of the most sought-after actresses in the Hollywood. Her next few months are likely to be very much exciting because she has written and is producing and starring in the film "Addiction." According to sources in the industry, she will inspire more people and her career graph will move Northwards at a faster pace.

About Sabrina Culver
Sabrina Culver's fame as an actress has got a significant boost after she was nominated twice in the category of The Best Supporting Actress and after she won the award in the St.Tropez International Film Festival for her portrayal as a birth mom in the short film 'ReMoved.' She is now producing and starring in the film 'Addiction.' It is she who has written the story of the film also.

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