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People Can Lose Weight, Save Money With New 40 Percent off Discount Code from Nutrisystem


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2012 -- For a majority of the population, losing weight and keeping it off is an extremely challenging feat. And while the exact formula to accomplish this is different for every person, millions of people and numerous celebrities have found great success with the well-known Nutrisystem meal plan program.

In fact, based on a 2009 survey conducted by the National Business Research Institute and funded by Nutrisystem, customers using Nutrisystem lost an average of 30 pounds versus self-dieters who lost an average of 20 pounds.

Recently, the company introduced a groundbreaking program called Nutrisystem Success that combines balanced meal plans, fitness programs and a support and tracking system.

And now, people can save money while accomplishing their weight-loss goals with the latest Nutrisystem discount code.

To celebrate Nutrisystem’s 40-year anniversary, the company is offering customers 40 percent off meal plans in the new Nutrisystem Success program, along with free home shipping. And for a limited time, people can use the Nutrisystem discount code 2012 to get a free week of food just for getting started. Customers can choose between women’s, men’s and diabetic plans, all customized to their unique needs, likes and dislikes.

Featuring more than 130 delicious, portion-perfect meals inspired by chefs and 40 years of science, Nutrisystem users typically lose an average of one to two pounds per week.

To date, stars including Janet Jackson, Dan Marino, Marie Osmond and Terry Bradshaw, have raved about the weight loss goals Nutrisystem has helped them accomplish.

And according to Diet Discount Code, a diet discount website, the new offer from Nutrisystem provides customers with a variety of benefits.

“The newest Nutrisystem discount code of 2012 offers 40 percent off the meal plans in the new Success Program, along with free shipping right to your front door,” states the site. “You can also try out each program risk free for 14 days.”

Featuring the current 40 percent off Nutrisystem discount code, as well as other Nutrisystem coupons, Diet Discount Code allows people to learn about the hottest diets on the market while saving them money in the process.

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