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People Can Now Easily Overcome Their Fears and Live a Life of Their Dreams

Beuses US Inc. says they are creating appropriate tools for overcoming fear. First, they came out with a book entitled "How to Overcome Fear" (Como Vencer El Miedo).


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2017 -- The news that Beuses US has decided to create a solution for overcoming fear may gladden those who want to advance in their life and live a life of their dreams. Elvis D Beuses, President of Beuses US and who is popularly known as "The Abundance Coach," quotes an incident that took place years ago when he was addressing an audience.

During the course of the session, he asked the audience as to what was the number one obstacle that would prevent people from living the life of their dreams. The audience was unanimous in admitting that it was FEAR that prevented them from focusing on their efforts to translate their dreams into reality.

Fear is so powerful an emotion that if it is not confronted head-on, can kill the ambitions of people. Its power can be understood from the fact that only a few thousands are able to succeed in achieving their goals while millions and millions of people continue to struggle leading a mediocre, unfulfilled life.

Fear comes in several disguises such as Fear of failure, Fear of being criticized, Fear of losing something or someone, Fear of Change, Fear of uncertainty, Fear of the future, etc. which means the same enemy wears various types of costumes to put down the efforts of people. That is the reason they have decided to create a solution for winning over this enemy, says Beuses US.

Elvis D Beuses takes pride in adding that he researched the topic for almost two years to come up with the best and most powerful proven strategies to defeat fear. First, his company decided to launch a book in Spanish called "Como Vencer El Miedo," the English meaning of which is "How to Overcome Fear," to serve the Hispanic market around the world.

He proudly points out that just after the second week of its launch, the book ended up in the #1 spot of the Bestsellers ranking in the category of free books in Spanish. It also reached the Top 4 in Amazon Mexico and Top 17 in Spain.

The book so far is available only in the Kindle version, but the company expects to have the Paperback version ready before the end of March 2017. They are planning to create an English version for serving the English readers and this version is likely to be available before the end of 2017, says the company.

They urge interested people to visit for obtaining more information.

About Beuses US
Beuses US has decided to create a solution for overcoming fear so those who want to advance in their life can lead a life of their dreams.

The company develops self-improvement tools designed to empower people to overcome fear and succeed in their efforts to translate their dreams into reality.

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