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People Can Now Turn to Pincus Elevator Company for Repairs and Inspections


West Chester, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- Due to more tragic elevator accidents being reported, there have been intense and thorough inspections to decrease the risk of elevator accidents. With the proper inspections and maintenance checks, tragic accidents can be avoided to prevent any injury or deaths from happening. With many inspectors cracking down on buildings with poor or dangerous elevators, businesses are being fined for putting individuals at risk. With that being said, the Pincus Elevator Company can now be sought out to take care of any repairs and maintenance issues that buildings are in need of.

For elevator services in DE or NJ, property owners can turn to Pincus Elevator Company to provide the most effective and thorough services and preventative maintenance there is. They even offer agreements for full maintenance and inspections that can be done for every building type and price range. In some buildings, having a fully functional elevator is crucial to a businesses everyday operation, especially for high-rise buildings. For buildings that get daily use from thousands of people every day, it makes it crucial to keep employees or tenants in a building safe. Their elevator maintenance services in NJ not only allow for individuals to stay safe and access various floors of a building, but it is the only way for those who are handicapped to gain access to the building.

Pincus Elevator Company sees them as an investment and vital to the daily operations of a business, condo, apartment complex, etc. Therefore, it is important to protect the investment with the proper inspections and maintenance services. No one wants to get into an old run down looking elevator, so maintain it to keep it running and operating as smoothly as possible. This will make for a more reliable business, and with the professionals from Pincus Elevator Company, they will provide high quality services making an elevator reliable. When it comes to elevator maintenance in DE, have it done right by professionals to eliminate any tragic accidents or hiccups along the way.

About Pincus Elevator Company
Pincus Elevator Company started with elevator installation and maintenance throughout the city of Philadelphia, eventually expanding its territory to include Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. As business expanded, the company relocated to a new headquarters with office, shop and warehouse in West Chester, PA. Since 1953, they have provided many elevator services in the tri-state area and proven to be one of the most successful elevator companies in PA. For more information, visit