People Connect People

Non-Profit Organizations, College Students and Work-at-Home Parents Find a Practical Residual Revenue Sharing Program with Solavei #1 Team People Connect People

The world first social networking and commerce platform, Solavei, has just rewarded its customers over 5M Dollars for referrals, instead of paying for ads men.


Silver Spring, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- People Connect - "A Single Relationship has the Power to Make Life Better for Many People!"

Announcing a partnership, between a telecom giant and a social team gearing to impact, communities, states, and a nation. So is the mission of People Connect People Team, Solavei Social Platform, and T-Mobile Wireless Service. It is through this single relationship, that will bring change and opportunity to many people and organizations, the result, extraordinary!

Solavei is led by former Fortune 100 telecom and retail executives, in conjunction with a exclusive partnership with T-Mobile. It is allowing for the most explosive affiliate opportunity to people and organizations countrywide. Simply put, Solavei, is giving people and organizations "what they want and what they need." With that you have power, purpose, and impact. Through Solavei, Independent Social Team 'People Connect People' has a two pronged business approach, in its' outreach. First is the consumer side, individuals. Second, is to equip and empower businesses, non-profits, and churches throughout the country.

This strategic partnership with Solavei and T-Mobile will have a profound effect on fundraising, brand awareness, and community. Since the downturn in the economy one sector that has been the hardest hit, is non-profits. Individuals and Companies alike, who in the past "gave" did so, because they could. However in the economic turn, giving or contributing has become more scrutinized. The days of contributions and donations are now under a microscope. Companies and individuals are "rationing" their money, and are looking for true impact in the dollars they give. Enter Solavei Social Platform...

It is through the unique model of Solavei and People Connect People as its independent team, companies have a whole new system and model in which to fundraise and generate true enthusiasm to their cause. Gone are vacations, coupon books, and other "traditional" fundraising ideas. Give people what they want and what they need, is now the system for fundraising success.

Just like the models of DirecTV and Amazon, Solavei has perfected a similar and more lucrative model with T-Mobile. It allows for families, organizations, groups, and companies to offer the power of a T-Mobile totally unlimited Voice, Text and Data plan at $49.00 on a 4G Nationwide network! However, there is revenue sharing for the company offering.


"As a church, to fund a new building, school, or mission trip, or simply to reduce the family cellphone bill you can take advantage of Solavei affordable phone service through T-Mobile, for a fixed price, saving the congregation money, while receiving compensation by sharing with others."

Here is the best part. Unlike most fundraising activities, where you do one thing once, and you have to generate more avenues to raise funds. The power to this pay path it will pay you month after month after month. Do one thing once and receive residual income monthly. Now you can fund projects for a year or year(s) at a time, off one fundraising activity. That is powerful, that is the model and system of Solavei!

The time to take action in fundraising is now. The need to raise funds is never going to be eliminated. However this unique and special model is being launched, and your organization can tap into this powerful fundraising system. Go now and explore all the details, regardless of organization or entity, today at People Connect People .com. Times have changed, methods have changed, however the need has not. This system will change the way you earn passive income for the family or raise money and build your strategy to do so, forever.