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People Earn Extra Money With an Unsurpassed Home Based Business Opportunity from CityStir


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/27/2012 -- Due to a down economy and unemployment rates still skyrocketing at some of the highest rates in reported U.S. history, many people are searching for alternative means of income.

While some people are downsizing or selling personal property, others are choosing to start their own work at home business to earn extra money. And as the Internet continues to play an integral role in the lives of Americans and people everywhere, many individuals are finding success through online marketing ventures.

Featuring a new site upgrade and an unsurpassed home based business opportunity, numerous people are choosing to take their at-home careers to the next level with CityStir, a network of community-based websites. Part online magazine, part community blog and part destination website, CityStir website owners provide neighbors and friends with valuable information about a given city or area, from events and attractions to restaurants and hotels. In addition, CityStir website owners provide local businesses with an ideal and cost-effective vehicle to advertise to a very targeted audience.

People are always in search of fun things to do, the best places to dine, and businesses offering products and services within their community. But many times, it can be hard for them to find all of this information in one location.

CityStir community websites provide a comprehensive overview of all of the local happenings and businesses for a particular area. This presents an attractive work at home opportunity for anyone looking to make extra money while helping others.

Through the use of classified and banner advertising, SMS/text-messaging services, and email marketing campaigns, each CityStir community website owner has the ability to earn income at home from local businesses looking to appeal to area consumers.

Current CityStir site owners have found great success with attracting traffic to their community sites due to the vast amount of information included on them.

In fact, one of CityStir’s community websites for Arlington Heights, Illinois, http://citystirarlingtonheights.com, recently reported a record number 3,000 site visitors per month due to its detailed listings and extensive offerings.

According to CityStir, the company provides a unique work at home opportunity for people looking to immerse themselves in their local community and make some extra income.

“The best thing about the CityStir opportunity is that it can fit your schedule,” states the company. “With minimal set-up and monthly maintenance fees, you can quickly become profitable. If you are looking to make CityStir your full time passion, the sky is truly the limit.”

For more information, visit http://www.CityStir.com

About CityStir
CityStir is a network of community-based websites that helps local businesses connect with members of a given area. Each CityStir website offers site visitors timely and valuable information about the local community, including events, restaurants, hotels, services and more. CityStir sites also provide local business owners a cost-effective means of attracting more customers.