Joe Bragg Lifts the Lid on Little Known Secret of Peer to Peer Low Interest Loans

People Finance is revealing the secret new tactic that an increasing number of people are using to free themselves from traditional financial handcuffs thanks to people power.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2014 -- Loans are hard to come by these days, as banks have become extremely risk averse after the economic meltdown of 2007. The problem is that people still need loans to make major purchases, and are increasingly being pushed to sharks, payday lenders and other outlets that charge huge APRs that can leave people mired in a dept spiral. There is an alternative emerging however, and People Finance has published a new editorial on the exciting new trend in peer to peer lending, which offers crowd sourced funds for those willing to pay it back at a fixed, low interest rate.

Borrowers can use Peer To Peer lending to consolidate credit card debt into a single, low interest rate personal loan. This secret method can also be used to attain low interest rate personal loans in tough economic times, using peer to peer lending to circumvent traditional banks in a tight economy.

The editorial flags up every major consideration in taking a peer to peer loan as well as the many advantages so that individuals can have a measured and informative briefing from which to make further inquiries or decisions. The discussion covers everything including the speed, bigger loan amounts, zero payment penalties and other advantages of peer to peer lending.

A spokesperson for People Finance explained, “As well as outlining the chief major considerations, the advantages and the reasons that peer to peer financing can be a successful arrangement for both sides, we also include resources where people can find out more about taking out loans, including, the leading website for individuals seeking to invest and those seeking to take out loans. This exciting economic development aims to free people from banks for good, and offer a viable alternative through the power of community- something we thought was eroding but is actually being made stronger through the power of the internet.”

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