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People Improve Their Vocabulary With Free Word Games at TopWordGames.com


Coppell, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2011 -- People who play online games are very frequently accused of being lazy, unmotivated, nerdy, and even not smart.

The reality of the matter is brain teasers, word games, riddles and math problems improve a person’s problem-solving skills, memory, decision-making abilities and help build and restore brain cells.

In fact, people are encouraged to play online brain teaser games for at least a few minutes a day to improve their reaction time and counteract signs of memory-loss.

People across the globe are enjoying an array of online word games at TopWordGames.com and advancing their current brain power. Featuring the most popular and thought-provoking word games on the Internet, people can play a variety of word searches, typing and hangman games, crossworld puzzles, and other puzzle games. And for people who are competitive and enjoy showing off their skills, the website allows users to sign up for a free account and record and broadcast their scores on the world scoreboard.

For people just diving into the wonderful journey of word games, the site’s top 10 list is the best place to start. The list shows the cream of the crop of the online word games available. Currently, the list includes games such as Word Grid, Savvygram, WORDIT, The Wizard’s Notebook and Magic Words.

Everyone remembers their teachers making them perform word searches throughout grammar school. Most people probably thought the task was mindless and just an excuse for their teacher to read their favorite book. But in fact, word searches can help improve a person’s problem-solving and decision-making skills, especially when they are up against the clock. TopWordGames.com offers a range of word searches for people to enjoy from the comfort of their home.

Whether taking a break from work, or looking for a fun way to pass the time, the website offers a vast selection of word games.

“TopWordGames.com is your one-stop spot for playing the best, most engaging, and fun-filled word games that the Internet has to offer,” states TopWordGames.com, “Whether you want to keep your vocabulary wide as ever, if you are new to word games, or just want to kill some time while it's raining outside and things are getting boring, TopWordGames.com has the word game perfect for you!”

To sign up for a free TopWordGames.com account or for more information, visit http://TopWordGames.com

About TopWordGames.com
TopWordGames.com is one of the top collections of free-to-play word games online. TopWordGames.com features a variety of word games, from crossword puzzles and typing games to the classic hangman. The site is updated frequently with the newest games, all with the purpose of exercising the mind and building vocabulary for players.