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People Make Extra Cash With Old Laptops from CashinYourLaptop.com


Casselberry, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/17/2011 -- Technology is an ever-changing and advancing industry. It seems every few months a more innovative and faster computer or cell phone hits the markets and prompts everyone to yearn for an upgrade.

With the constantly changing technology landscape, many families have old laptops, computers and cell phones just lying around the house taking up space.

And with the holidays quickly approaching, the pile of retired electronics will probably continue to grow. So why not clear the clutter and make some extra money just in time for the gift-buying season?
Since 2009, CashinYourLaptop.com has purchased thousands of used and broken laptops from customers looking for a quick and easy way to “sell my laptop” and make some extra money. And with the company’s new shipping feature, rather than waiting for a pre-paid shipping box, customers can simply print a UPS shipping label from their home printer and immediately send their old or damaged laptop in for speedy reimbursement. The company also holds customers’ privacy in the highest esteem and completely removes any and all data from the hard drive of acquired computers.

Customers who want to cash in your laptop, phone or tablet can do so easily with Cash in Your Laptop by entering the brand and model of the electronic. Once these have been chosen, customers can specify if there are any issues with the product they want to sell such as a broken screen or bad motherboard. The company then provides an instant quote and allows customers to accept the offer and print a UPS shipping label to immediately send the product in for cash.

With the new UPS shipping label option, shipping is 100 percent free. If I client would rather, the company will send a pre-paid shipping box via UPS. Once the company receives the laptop, they will send a check the same day processing is complete. Or, for quicker money receipt, customers can request to have the money deposited directly into their PayPal account.

According to past customer Tom from Georgia, the entire process was easy and gave him the opportunity to dispose of his laptop without harming the environment.

“You guys are great! I had an old ThinkPad and was getting ready to toss it in the garbage,” said Tom. “My daughter is very environmentally conscience and told me to think about selling it. Thank you for making me look good to my daughter and thank you for being green for a guy like me!”

For anyone searching to “sell laptop” or “sell broken laptop,” CashinYourLaptop.com provides a hassle-free, safe service and is currently adding $5 on top of the purchase price for any customer who shares the company on Facebook.

About CashinYourLaptop.com
Since 2009, CashinYourLaptop.com has purchased thousands of used and broken laptops and other electronic equipment. Customers can be assured their transaction is safe as the company holds customers’ privacy in the highest esteem and removes all data from the hard drives of purchased equipment. For more information, visit http://www.CashinYourLaptop.com