People Per Hour Press Release Service Helps Small Businesses in the USA Gain Customers

A popular public relations company has turned to People Per Hour to offer their press release writing services at a fraction of the cost to help small business owners succeed.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Due to the struggling economic climate, small business owners in the USA and the UK have been struggling to promote their products and services online. Small business owners know they need online marketing to gain more sales but due to the high prices of press release and online marketing, it has become unaffordable to them. That is why a popular public relations and marketing company has turned to People Per Hour to offer professional press release writing services from just £10.

The online public relations and marketing company which works with clients all over the world from celebrities to small business owners, decided to turn to People Per Hour ( and help small business owners who could not afford high prices to promote their products and services.

Chantelle Ellis, a spokesman for In2town who provide the People Per Hour Press Release service said: “We understand that a lot of small business owners cannot afford to pay over $150 for a professional press release to be written and then pay for it to be distributed. We want all business owners to have the same marketing power and to gain the traffic to their website as their competition, and that is why we launched the People Per Hour press release service.”

The Internet Marketing Company who has been using other small business networks to provide their services has proven to be a huge hit. Not only are small business owners using the press release writing service, celebrities and large companies have also turned to the press release writing service due to the huge success it brings.

An online press release is an important part of the companies marketing campaign. By using an online press release, business owners big and small are seeing a huge increase in traffic to their website which generate sales and exposure.

Internet marketing experts all over the world are using press releases as a cheaper way to gain online exposure and generate traffic to websites. Anyone looking to get noticed online without paying for expensive internet marketing companies should look at the People Per Hour Press Release writing service with In2town that is currently be offered from just £10

The In2town Press Release service has helped small business owners all over the world to get the attention they need to generate sales. Small business owners who are worrying about budgets for marketing campaigns and budgets to achieve higher ranking in search engines are now turning to the cheap press release service to generate traffic, sales and exposure.

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About People Per Hour Press Release with In2town
In2town is a media organization, which is helping small business owners get noticed online and generate exposure and traffic.