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People2Avoid Adds Facebook Verification for Reports


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Creating a bad date report through People2Avoid is extremely easy. However, those who report a creep or post about their worst date ever must also verify their own identity according to the rules of People2Avoid's website at . This verification also applies to consumer fraud reporting; those who want to report scam behavior must also verify who they are before posting information on someone else.

In the past, this has been done through phone verification. However, many people are reluctant to share their telephone number online or change phone numbers frequently. Therefore, People2Avoid has instituted a new way to verify identity that includes Facebook verification.

People2Avoid ensures that it does not simply post something that someone else has said without verifying it first. In fact, a person must have "three strikes" before People2Avoid will post a profile. This means that three different people must file a complaint with People2Avoid, at which point the initial profile is published. Those doing an eHarmony background check or searching for information on potential business partners can then see the information that has been posted by various people complaining of poor behavior on the subject's part.

Facebook verification allows those who are filing a complaint to avoid using a telephone number and instead give an alternative method of personal verification. People2Avoid may contact the Facebook profile in order to verify that it is being used accurately; once the website receives full disclosure about identity as well as three complaints about a subject, the profile can be posted.

Further, People2Avoid allows others to vote or provide character references on published profiles. This allows others to support either the bad report or the subject under review with their own input.

About People2Avoid
People2Avoid provides users with a platform to report a weirdo, complete consumer fraud reporting, report a scam or file ripoff reports on unprofessional or illegally operating companies. People2Avoid uses responsible reporting methods to notify others of the bad behavior of a few people or companies in order to keep everyone safer.

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