PeopleKeys Announces Behavioral Life Coaching Course: Turning Relationships Into Dollars for Christian Coaches

The new Behavioral Life Coaching Course from PeopleKeys® is here, incorporating DISC Personality Assessment and a Christian perspective on counseling methods


Boardman, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- PeopleKeys has recently launched an online certification course combining DISC personality assessment, life coaching strategies, and Christian counseling methods. The Certified Behavioral Life Coaching Course (CBLC) provides the tools needed to understand the theory and application of DISC Personality style analysis and offer a variety of marketing and business development tools. Upon completion, participants receive their CBLC certification enabling them to begin or expand a life coaching practice and establish themselves in the Christian marketplace.

The Life Coaching field has increased exponentially to a billion-dollar a year industry within the last five years according to the Harvard Business Review. Today, the high unemployment rate is empowering people to seek new sources of income, many of whom become entrepreneurs. “The CBLC program provides a unique opportunity for those who may have or may have never counseled, consulted or coached before. The course was written by life coaches and consultants who are both successful as business people and fulfilled because they can make a difference in the lives of others,” said PeopleKeys founder and CEO, Dr. Sandy Kulkin.

For church leaders, Christian Life Coaching serves as a valuable tool. With the challenges our country faces, a growing number of individuals are in need of personal, professional, and spiritual guidance. Life coaching is a force for positive change tailored to build faith-based individuals and communities. The CBLC uses tested DISC personality strategies guiding individuals to achieve greater personal, professional, and spiritual harmony, build strong teams, and mentor church leaders. Eddie Hammett, author of Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age states that “Coaching offers hope, focus, accountability, and a pathway of leadership development and discipleship for a postmodern culture. [Coaching offers] guidance for churches struggling to be relevant in a rapidly challenging world.”

The applications of the CBLC are far reaching. Whether working within the context of the church or secular world, there are unlimited opportunities for the Professional Life Coach. The CBLC benefits churches, ministries, businesses, non-profits and individuals who want to strengthen their relationship with their church, faith, congregation, and discover their God-given purpose in life.

Upon completion, participants of the CBLC will be competent to administer and interpret DISC assessment tools, and conduct life coaching sessions and seminars to certify others in Behavioral Analysis. The CBLC program empowers participants to:
- Serve as a certified expert in the field of DISC Behavioral Analysis and communication strategies.
- Begin a life coaching practice or expand a Christian counseling practice.
- Develop new revenue streams with behavioral tools and reports published by PeopleKeys.
- Service clients from a Biblical perspective.

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