PeoplesCulture Pay Customers One Ether to Use Their New Free Application "PEAK" Which Releases in 2018


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2017 -- is a blockchain-based data certification, which generates immutable and independent records of the employee evaluation process. The company's team are PhDs in human behavior, Psychologists, Mathematicians and Engineers among others the application delivers a unique result, which has increased an average of 12% month over month profits for companies. PeoplesCulture, has the most sophisticated employee review on the market and now is adding individual self improvement.

PEAK, is an application to learn how others perceive us. The user will select friends, partners, family members to participate, a minimum of three evaluators are needed. Questions and answers are confidential, the user will not be able to see specific responses just outcome. The user will also be able to ask for advice to our professionals, how to change people's perception or improve their career. "Users will only pay for extras unique services" says the Laura VenVas.

About PeoplesCulture
PeoplesCulture was founded in 2016 by Laura VasVas CEO, and received one million dollars from angel investors at the concept stage. The company reached 100,000 users in the first 12 weeks. While working in NYC as a director of operations in her thirties, L VenVas had seventy eight direct reports,"The employee evaluation process and outcome was unfair and unproductive" she says "Reviews had a bias factor added by the HR employee conducting the process. Senior Managers, used evaluations to punish their team members, and supervisor evaluations did not value subordinates feedback". The result of the reviews caused high turnaround of employees, lack of productivity, higher expenses, etc. She proposed to make changes but the company did not want to spend time or resources developing a new system. On October 2015, Laura VenVas resigned to focus full time to develop PeoplesCulture. "We deserve a better workplace. I always hear the phrase, life is too short, I disagree, I think life is too long, why struggle more than necessary, we need to learn from our mistakes and take responsibility for our behavior, but we can only do that once we get a fair evaluation" says Laura VenVas.

Early 2017 PeoplesCulture was offered ten million dollars by investors, but the CEO turn it down "Although I was grateful for the interest in PeoplesCulture, I created the company to offer a democratic and decentralized service. The company was built on Ethereum for the same purpose, is only logical to get funding the same way" PeoplesCulture is planning to launch an ICO (initial coin offering) late 2017.

Contact Details:
Laura VenVas, CEO or Peter Atila Parker, VP Marketing.
142 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019