Pepper and Paul, a Cinematic Shopping Experience Featuring Ethical Products, Seeks Funding via Indiegogo

Pepper & Paul is an online cinematic shopping experience where customers discover ethically, sustainably, and locally produced products featured in several series of inspiring short films.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- Pepper & Paul is a web-based startup that aims to be better than a charity, offering a cinematic shopping experience that features ethically, sustainably, and locally produced products. At, visitors will be able to quickly shop while doing good and seeing amazing videos, all at the same place. The online experience will “marry beauty with awareness”.

Pepper & Paul will only partner with brands that strive to make a positive impact, and that understand the effects our purchases have on each other, our environment, and ourselves. The Pepper & Paul short films will feature a specially curated selection of these partners’ products, which visitors can purchase on their website. The website will also feature an online marketplace that will present an even wider array of great products from brands that give back. 

This cause-based company aims to permanently improve the consumer marketplace by proving that a small business with vision can create a brighter future for everyone.

Pepper & Paul is the effort of an award-winning team hailing from many different backgrounds – including fashion, filmmaking, business development, design, social media, and music.

Our filmmaking team includes two, two-time Emmy award winners: cinematographer Zeus Morand and composer Richard Fiocca. GenArt presented our co-founders and demo short film at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival as part of the Sundance Collective program.

The Pepper & Paul films will be imaginative, heartfelt and humanistic stories about love. Our stories will be both relatable and visually captivating, infused with animation and surrealistic ‘dream state’ sequences to offer our viewers different perspectives on everyday life. Our characters are good at heart but are imperfect; they make mistakes, meet challenges, and learn as they go. In our first mini-season, our main characters deeply affect one another without directly meeting; instead they cross paths in their dreams at night, and leave echoes of themselves in each other’s lives during the day.

Contributions via Indiegogo will allow Pepper & Paul to 1) produce three short films featuring ethical products, comprising the first mini-season; 2) build the website and demonstrate a functioning model of the business; and 3) find a small workspace for basic operations. You can find the Indiegogo Campaign Page here -