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Pepper Spray is a Popular, Versatile Choice for Self-Defense


Jacksonville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2011 -- According to a 2008 report by the United States Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, one violent crime occurs about every 22 seconds and one person is killed every 30 minutes in the U.S. Additionally, an act of robbery is committed about every second.

Statistics like these not only prove how important it is to stay alert and safe, but also serve as motivation to figure out the best method of defense.

Some people choose to enroll in self-defense classes, while others feel more comfortable with a home alarm system. But a crime can occur at anytime and at any location; from inside a person’s car to walking to the office.

More people are turning to Buy-Pepper-Spray-Today.com for portable self-defense products, including pepper spray, tear gas, stun guns and more. The site specializes in the top-rated pepper sprays at the most affordable prices and offers visitors safety tips, as well as an unbeatable Lifetime Pepper Spray Exchange Policy.

Many people don’t want to buy pepper spray because it is too bulky or they are nervous about calling attention to the fact they are carrying a self-defense weapon. But today, there are numerous disguised defense tools that allow someone to carry it without being recognized, including lipstick canisters, pens and other products that resemble household items.

According to Joseph Morris, Founder and President of Buy-Pepper-Spray-Today.com, people need to stick to the self-defense weapon that makes them feel most comfortable.

“Personally, I feel that the No. 1 thing you should think of before buying a self-defense weapon is what you are going to use it for, and what you are most comfortable with. You could buy a rocket launcher, but if you are not comfortable with using it then it will be useless,” said Morris. “Our most common product in our entire store is our pepper spray keychain, so you may want start there. Our keychains are portable, come in a color of your choice, are effective against multiple assailants, and they do not stick out like a sore thumb.”

The site also offers a variety of animal protection weapons, such as bear spray, which includes mace.

Buy-Pepper-Spray-Today.com also features a Lifetime Pepper Spray Exchange Policy where people can receive a free replacement on certain items if used during an incident.

About Buy-Pepper-Spray-Today.com:
Buy-Pepper-Spray-Today.com is a one-stop shop for all self defense needs. The site’s No. 1 goal is to ensure that people can purchase a product that keeps them safe from criminals and animals at a very affordable price. Offering pepper spray, tear gas, stun guns and more, people can find everything they need to stay protected. For more information, visit http://www.Buy-Pepper-Spray-Today.com