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Pepper's Ghost: Surreal (Yet Thought-Provoking!) Fantasy Adventure Thrusts Readers Through Time in Bitter Commentary on the Human Condition

Masterfully crafted by Robert Giracello, ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ deploys an unlikely yet strangely uplifting narrative that calls into question society, physics, aliens, Einstein, Disneyland and plenty of cows. Hoping to urge readers to put their remote controls down and examine the quirkier side of humanity, Giracello weaves razor-sharp quips with bold big issues to prove that nothing in life is absolute….including those aforementioned cows!


Perris, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Robert Giracello is known to many as an accomplished composer and musician. However, after waking up to an epiphany, he temporarily pursued a different kind of manuscript that would eventually become his first published novel. However, far more than a straight story of fiction, Giracello’s creativity is evident in a narrative that’s as funny and surreal as it is important.

‘Pepper’s Ghost’ uses the guise of a fiction novel to get readers debating and pondering a wealth of ‘big picture’ issues that highlight the plight of the human condition and the possible future of mankind.


You've just been asked to join an alien, a Sun God from another dimension, and Albert Einstein in a secret government plot to restore order to the time continuum. What are you going to do next? Go to Disneyland, of course... Pepper's Ghost is a tongue-in-cheek look at society, relationships, time travel, important issues like war, evolution, and vegans, and a lot about cows. And aliens. And physics. But mostly cows.

“This is the kind of book I like to call ‘faction’, as it’s fiction for real life. Social commentary collides with wholly-unique characters that constantly shift in terms of both time and opinion. Simply put, it proposes that everything we have come to know in our universe could in fact be an illusion,” says Giracello.

Continuing, “It’s a very quick read so perfect for book clubs and those who like to read as part of a group. While the story is of course light-hearted in places, the topics touched on will spur plenty of prolonged debate in the real world. This is a great and very effective way to open dialogues into subjects that people either push under the rug or have trouble articulating into an everyday conversation. Like cows? Read on!”

To date, the novel has garnered rave reviews.

Ronald C. DeBlanc comments, “I highly recommend “Pepper’s Ghost.” It is an exuberant romp through one potential future for mankind. Overall it was well written and quite clever throughout. It’s a witty and sometimes sarcastic look at the human condition. I was hooked from the beginning and found it hard to put down. Each chapter adds another layer of complexity in a plot that is part “X-Files” like conspiracy and part science fiction/time-travel adventure. In the end though, this book is fun to read and will leave you smiling as the final pieces of the puzzle fall in place and things come full circle.”

Another reader adds, "Every time I thought it couldn't get weirder, the rules would change and it would all blow up in my face again. Loved it!"

‘Pepper’s Ghost’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1l2GEqO. For a limited time, the author is offering all readers an opportunity to download a free digital CD of original music. Check http://www.c7music.net for more information.

About Robert Giracello
Robert Giracello is a composer and musician who works in southern California. Pepper's Ghost is his first novel.