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Perceptions of Auto Brands–US–June 2019: Associated Vehicle Quality Plays Key Role in Boosting Importance of Market Positioning


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2019 -- Auto manufacturers often take many years to build a favorable perception. Major automakers such as Lexus, Ford, Hyundai, and Honda have long been thought to have a positive quality of products. In the month of June, Hyundai and Ford showed substantial improvements, while Toyota's reputation has also bounced back to an extent, following the highly publicized vehicle issues that occurred a few years ago. On a similar note, Dodge has also made major gains in market perception with the aid of an aggressive campaign of marketing. However, these developments are not related to whether these companies have actually produced high quality vehicles. A study of the United States automobile industry is compiled and published in the report titled, "PERCEPTIONS OF AUTO BRANDS - US - JUNE 2019" that has been added to the massive research repository of Market Research Hub (MRH).

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Hyundai and Ford have displayed some of the largest margins of improvements. In the past decade, the perception of quality for both companies have gone beyond 25 per cent. Honda is also running at the front of the pack with a perceived quality score of 81.3, with Toyota also making significant inroads. Consumers are reacting positively to product improvements made by Hyundai and Ford.

Other brands such as Fiat, Dodge, Kia, and Scion are also displaying noticeable growth. In terms of luxury brands in the United States, Lexus continues to lead, with a score of 85.4. Lexus is followed by Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Porsche.

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Perception of Auto Brands - US – June 2019: Report Overview

The report on the perception of auto brands for the US in July 2019 provides the readers with a detailed analysis on the landscape of auto industry operating in the United States. Industry-based forecasting models includes a full analysis of the research publication and primary interviews with industry participants in addition to consumer data.

The report also includes detailed interviews conducted by leading market analysts with industry savants, auto experts and industry analysts to provide key validations of the production volume and relevant assumptions in the study.

The car purchasing process report for the US in June 2019 foresees the performance of the market progress in terms of volumes forecast by different categories including manufacturing, marketing, technology, and car purchasing costs, in addition to factors such as the growth of the US automobile market.

For each of these categories, business development strategies and market projections adopted by key market players for specific strategies has also been added to the report.

Valuable insights which can be helpful for manufacturers operating in the US automobile market are provided in the report. Assessment of pricing analysis, barriers to market entry, supply-demand equation, and market expansion strategies, makes the report a highly credible source of data for business professionals interested in the US automotive market.