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Percy Martinez Gives His Take on the Leading Cause of Death for People Between the Age of 16 and 20


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/16/2017 -- The leading cause of death for people between the age of 16 and 20, are motor vehicle accidents that have occurred nationwide.

Triple A reports that 156 Ohio teens were killed in car crashes in the year 2015.

A former law enforcement officer, Pat brown, who is currently a AAA drivers-ed teacher stated: "When you hear of an accident, one of the first things we do is we wonder if it was a student we had. It does not really matter that much, but it is personal. When it does happen, it is pretty sad,"

Distractions were the cause for two-thirds of teen fatalities, said Brown.

Brown emphasizes how distractions should not be present at the moment of driving. "Driving has to come first. Even with your friends in the car. That includes mom and dad. Your focus needs to be driving first. Too many times it's not the main focus and that is the main problem".

The biggest cause of teen deaths is some form of distraction, mentioned AAA. One would imagine cell phones being the main cause for distractions, but it is actually other passengers in the vehicle.

50 hours must be logged while under supervised driving for a provisional driver, 10 of those being during the first six months of driving at night time, and 24 hours of classroom instruction must be completed, according to Ohio Law.

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Sharon Fife of D&D driving school said: "Graduated driver licensing is generally meant to spread out the licensing process".

For over 30 years, Sharon Fife and her family have been teaching drivers.

Stronger graduated driver licensing laws protect not only the teens but always everyone on the road, says Sharon.

Sharon mentioned: "It has lowered a number of teenage deaths, that's been the biggest improvement to lower teenage crashes".

The encouragement to parents to give their children good examples about how they should act while driving is strongly advocated by Fife and Brown.

More drivers are entering drivers-ed class at the age of 18, rather than 16 in the nation, a fact that was learned Percy Martinez.


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