Perez Tree Service Explains the Benefits of Trimming Trees During Winter Months


Alpharetta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Healthy, thriving trees add beauty and enjoyment to any landscape. Trees provide an array of pleasures to enjoy: shade, habitats for wildlife, branches for recreation, aesthetic beauty, etc.

Unfortunately, if not properly cared for, trees also pose a dangerous threat of injury and even death. Hundreds of people are killed each year by falling trees, diseased limbs breaking off and inexperienced people attempting to take them down.

By properly caring for trees, at the correct time of year, accidents and fatalities can be avoided. The best time for pruning a tree is in late winter, just prior to the spring growth phase. Wounds and disease are exposed for a short period of time, before the source is quickly masked over with new foliage. Pruning during this dormant phase is critical so these imperfections can be detected. This opportunity also makes it easier to determine exactly where to trim as the branch structure is clearly exposed.

Trimming trees at the proper time also allows various diseases and physiological problems to be avoided. For example: In order to avoid oak wilt disease, oaks should not be pruned during April, May or June. If this cannot be avoided, it would be imperative that a wound dressing be applied to mask the odor of freshly cut wood as it attracts beetles that cause the spread of oak wilt throughout the tree.

The danger of poorly cared for trees and the catastrophic consequences they can pose often goes overlooked. There are instances where falling trees and limbs are simply an act of nature and there are also cases whereby these acts can be prevented with proper care and maintenance, thus, injuries and fatalities prevented.

Of additional importance, is the fact that property owners have a duty to prevent diseased, dangerous trees from causing harm to people on adjacent properties. Regular trimming, inspecting and removal of dead and diseased trees, at the correct time of year (winter), are steps a property owner has an obligation to take. Failing to do so may lead to financial liability for injury or death resulting from a damaged tree.

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