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Perfect Pancake Pan as Seen on TV Now Available

The Perfect Pancake Pan, the new As Seen On TV pancake maker, is now available for order online through Shop As Seen On TV.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- Shop As Seen On TV has announced that the newly released Perfect Pancake Pan is now available for order online through their website. The Perfect Pancake is a new As Seen On TV home pancake maker that provides a fast and easy way to make four perfect pancakes at once.

The pancakes made will come out perfectly shaped, fluffy, and golden brown. In addition there’s no need to add any butter or oil since the Perfect Pancake has a double-sided non-stick surface. This results in healthier pancakes and also lets you make fruit-filled pancakes inside the Perfect Pancake Pan without worrying about any messy cleanups.

The Perfect Pancake is designed to be extremely easy to use so that almost anyone can do it, even if they never made pancakes before. First just prepare the pancake batter and heat up the Perfect Pancake on a stove top. Then pour in the batter and close the lids together using the always-cool handles. Afterwards you flip the pan over using the handles, then open it up, and the pancakes are ready to serve.

Cleanup is also simple with the non-stick surface. It works so well that even burnt on cheese won’t stick on to it. There’s also no oil or grease to clean up since you don’t have to add any butters or fats. So you can just simply rinse and wipe the Perfect Pancake Pan clean or put it in the dishwasher after you’re done using it.

Included with the Perfect Pancake is a free recipe guide. It contains a variety of recipes for making all sorts of pancakes. This includes recipes for blueberry pancakes, apple cinnamon, buttermilk flapjacks, gingerbread pancakes, cranberry pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, and more.

The Perfect Pancake also has other uses as well in addition to making pancakes. One of which is making eggs. You can use it to make four eggs over easy at once without ever breaking the yolk.

Offer Details: Purchase a Perfect Pancake Pan with Recipe Guide for only $19.95 plus $7.95 processing and handling, and receive a second Perfect Pancake Pan free, just pay a separate $7.95 for processing and handling.

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