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Perfect Patent Docketing: A Team of Patent Docketing Specialists Offer IP Docketing Services

Perfect Patent Docketing, a team of professionals providing docketing services to patent agents and patent attorneys at law firms, offers other related patent docketing services such as IP docketing online. 


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2021 -- Perfect Patent Docketing is an IP docketing company with a team of experienced and well-educated specialists that provide top-notch docketing services for patents. Their services are designed specifically to support patent agents and attorneys of law firms and corporations, and they have worked with clients from over 45 countries around the globe. The company's goal to give the best possible services to clients has made them become associates with several organizations, which provides them extra techno-legal support. Also, they make use of advanced tools such as Equinox, IP Manager, Docket Trak, Patricia, Inteum, Claim Master, Alt Legal, among others.

In response to a query about their services, the spokesperson of Perfect Patent Docketing commented, "We do advise law firms to take careful steps about certain issues while they are trying to maintain patent portfolios. These include: they must know the commercial value of the invention as the legal fees will be higher if the commercial value is higher and vice versa, they must do proper calibration to maintain consistency in workflow and ensure timely update of patent applications. More so, it is necessary to improve the data quality of all patent portfolios, and they must make use of a system that allows users of free text to enter notes into each patent portfolio".

Perfect Patent Docketing offers clients one of the best IP docketing services they can ever get. Some of the reasons why their services are exceptional include much-reduced cost and low risk, robust IT infrastructure, access to an experienced talent pool of docketing specialists, 3-day turnaround time with the option of one-day turnaround time for high priority cases. Others include excellent data security and a robust quality audit process. Hence, those looking for a top-level IP docketing service can contact Perfect Patent Docketing via their website.

The spokesperson of Perfect Patent Docketing further commented, "We also have two cost-effective pricing models, which are the transactional or step by step cost and per hour-based cost structure. Our services include record audit, double docketing solutions, database updates for all incoming PTO actions and correspondence, invoice reconciliations, among others. Online reviews about our services show that our clients always receive from us services beyond their expectations!"

Perfect Patent Docketing uses powerful software support in their automation process and one of them is the in-house patent docketing software, which can be customized to meet the unique requirements of clients. The company has also partnered with patent attorneys outside India, and these attorneys help facilitate the filing of patent applications outside India. People who require patent docketing online services have Perfect Patent Docketing at their beck and call. 

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Perfect Patent Docketing is a reputable patent docketing service provider that offers assistance to patent agents and patent attorneys of law corporations. All clients need to do is to upload their requirements on their website at, and then, proceed to make payment. Their patent specialists will take it up from there, and get to work by providing full-term dynamic support.

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