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Perferred Dental Network, LLC Is Proud to Announce They Are Now Seeing Patients in New York and Harrisburg


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Perferred Dental Network, LLC is proud to announce that they are now seeing patients in New York and Harrisburg. There are many reasons why seeing a dentist is important, but the main reasons are to maintain a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile. There are many myths regarding cavities and what causes them. One of the biggest myths is that sugar is the main cause of cavities. This is true in part because cavities are actually produced by acid produced by bacteria in one’s mouth. The acid is made when eating carbohydrates. Sugar is a carbohydrate therefore activating the bacteria to produce the acid and voila, a cavity is potentially born. The cavity can be prevented because it’s not how much sugar one eats, but how long it is left on the teeth.

This dentist in Harrisburg recommends not exposing teeth to too many carbohydrates over a long period of time. So, that candy bar filled with chocolate is not as bad for the cultivation of a pesky cavity, but the soda and other sugary drink many people sip on all day is the culprit.

Acids from bacteria are not the only instigators of cavities. Eating actual acidic foods can also increase one’s risk of forming cavities. When talking about acid it sounds like chewing on a battery, but there are many foods like lemons, oranges, citrus juices and other beverages that have high levels of acid in them. These types of acids wear down the protective layer of enamel on teeth and therefore make them more susceptible to cavities. This dentist in New York will take the time to examine their patients’ teeth at the time of their appointments to determine if their enamel is wearing away increasing their risk for cavities. It is important to see a dentist regularly for cleanings and x-rays to prevent any potential issues and to keep smiles beautiful and healthy. Call the Perferred Dental Network today to schedule an appointment with a professional dentist.

About The Perferred Dental Network LLC
The dentists at the Perferred Dental Network LLC always recommend brushing and flossing to maintain the health and beauty of mouths. Routine visits every six months will cut down on potentially painful and expensive procedures that may be needed if dental issues are ignored and left untreated. Appointments can be made by calling the offices. They are accepting new patients and make every effort to see patients on an emergency basis.

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