Performance of China Cigarette Manufacturing Industry, 2007-2012


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In China, cigarette manufacturing industry refers to producing cigarettes, cigars and raw material of cigarettes. Among that, cigarettes include virginian-type cigarettes, blended-type cigarettes and other types of cigarettes (including cigar-type cigarettes and exotic flavor type cigarettes); cigars include whole leaf rolled cigars and half-rolled cigars; cigarette filter rods include filter rods made from cellulose acetate tow , filter rods made from polypropylene fiber tow and other filter rods.

Since Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) went into effect in China, it has little effect. Presently, there are 350 million smokers and over 740 million passive smokers in China, with over 1 million people dying of diseases related to tobacco every year. In 2012, China's output volume of cigarettes reached 2.51609 trillion, increasing by 2.8% YOY. In 2012, the sales revenue of China cigarette manufacturing industry reached CNY 730.668 billion, increasing by 14.73% YOY, with the CAGR being over 17% in 2008-2012. The growth rate of sales revenue was higher than that of output volume, which was mainly because the average price of cigarettes keeps increasing along with the constant upgrade of cigarettes in China.

In China, because cigarette manufacturing industry provides a great deal of taxes every year and it involves the profits of many groups, CRI predicts that the annual sales revenue of cigarette manufacturing industry will keep increasing rapidly in the coming years with few development restrictions.

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-Scale of China Cigarette Manufacturing Industry, 2007-2012
-Production and Sales of China Cigarette Manufacturing Industry, 2007-2012
-Financial Situation of China Cigarette Manufacturing Industry, 2007-2012

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