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Performance Painting Continues to Improve on Their Rope Access Painting Techniques

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Whistler, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2013 -- Have you ever wondered how they paint amusement park rides, skyscrapers, water tanks and other tall structures? Many never give this a thought until they see rope access painters at work. Rope access painters take on Extremely dangerous painting jobs such as this, to ensure these structures look their best at all times. "When a company finds itself in need of painters willing to take on these high risk jobs, Performance Painting is the company to call," Richard Harvey of Performance Painting declares.

Rope access technicians complete high and difficult access jobs relating to large houses, hillside and clifftop buildings, hotels and more. Using this method allows the technicians to safely and effectively reach those areas inaccessible by ladders. Rather than making use of cranes, large man-lifts or involved scaffolding, rope access painters scale these buildings or drop down from the roof making use of ropes to do so. "Check out these painters to see how they manage to undertake these difficult jobs while making it look easy. They do so while completing the job in a manner that is Effective, timely and on budget," Mr. Harvey continues.

Safety of the technicians continues to be a concern of many clients. Performance Painting technicians make use of two or more lines at all times. The first line acts as the main working line while the second one is used as a backup for safety purposes. Companies have found that this system is nearly perfect in terms of its safety record around the globe and is much safer for technicians than making use of conventional methods. "The five rope access technicians employed by Performance Painting understand that safety must always be their top concern if they wish to remain employed with the company. Performance Painting strives to keep everyone safe throughout the rope access painting project," Mr. Harvey explains.

Project types handled include hotels, new construction, multi-residential and condominium complexes and apartment buildings. To assist property owners, Performance Painting also offers a wide range of other services, including drywall patching, wood filling and pressure washing. "Thanks to the wide variety of services available through Performance Painting, customers find they don't have to deal with a lot of hassle when it comes to choosing a contractor to take on the needed work. For those jobs which Performance Painting cannot handle, such as major renovations, the company will be happy to assist the clients in finding the right professionals for every stage of the process. "The goal continues to be to ease the burden of routine projects along with rare home renovations or improvements. Customers love the ease of being able to connect with a number of professionals without having to do the work themselves," Mr. Harvey states.

About Performance Painting
Performance Painting remains an industry leader, one constantly raising the bar when it comes to rope access painting methods. Performance Painting boasts the experience needed to get the job done right as employees have more than 130,000 plus hours invested in the various services offered, which include metal roof painting, painting of difficult areas not accessible by boom-lifts or ladders and wood restoration, partial or full. The management team has more than 60 years under their collective belts when it comes to experience and a full range of solutions are offered for most property types. This company also offers a 5-2-1 guarantee on their painting and staining work with this warranty covering paint, materials and labour.