Performance Team Offers Expert Logistics Services at Reasonable Prices

Performance Team is a leading logistics solutions provider based in California. It offers consolidation, transportation, deconsolidation and logistics distribution services at competitive prices.


Santa Fe Springs, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- Performance Team is a reliable logistics services provider based in California. The company has more than 6.6 million square feet of state-of-the-art warehouse facilities to consolidate and deconsolidate goods, and a fleet of over 350 trucks to transport them to their target markets on time. The company’s efficient team members plan everything perfectly and ensure that all the consignments reach their target markets on time to enable retailers to better cater to their customers’ demands.

One of the executives at Performance Team has this to say, “We are committed to assist businesses in reaching out to their target market on time and thereby increasing their profits. As a result, we have the right infrastructure to deal with any consignment. We use superior material handling equipment and blend our expertise with information technology to handle customers businesses of all sizes. We have the skills and equipment needed to handle the fluctuations that come with owning a business.”

Performance Team currently operates through eleven domestic hubs and offers its services in Seattle, Northern California, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, Fort Worth, Miami, Charleston, New York, New Jersey, Savannah and Shreveport. The leading logistics solutions provider analyzes clients’ business requirements and customizes expert and flexible solutions for maximizing the movement, handling and distribution of goods.

The executive further said, “Our deconsolidation facilities are strategically located throughout the United States, enabling us to provide regional product handling, distribution and drayage. We use automated and manual facilities to offload consignments, sort, separate and load products to multiple destinations at a time. Our effective and unmatched services have so far enable hundreds of businesses to not only remain competitive but also grow within their industry.”

Performance Team offers customized logistics solutions while keeping customers’ needs and budgetary concerns in mind. Performance Team is an ideal resource for those who are looking for economic distribution services in Seattle distribution services in Seattle. For more information about their services and prices, you can contact the company.

About Performance Team
Based in Santa Fe Springs, California, Performance Team is one of the most reputable and expert companies offering the best logistics solutions. With 6.6 million square feet of warehouse space, Performance Team operates through eleven domestic hubs and has a fleet of over 350 trucks to ensure that the processes of consolidation, transportation, deconsolidation and distribution are done within their designated deadlines. The leading logistics and transportation services provider processes over $100 billion in wholesale goods annually. Because Performance Team has been offering supply chain services for more than 27 years, the company understands the industry better than most, and therefore offers unparalleled logistics solutions to its customers at reasonable prices. The company offers reliable logistics solution in Charleston logistics solution in Charleston and other areas to businesses that want to deliver their goods to their target markets on time.

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