PerformTex Educates Readers About the History of Physical Therapy


Hatboro, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2017 -- PerformTex™ is a leader in the kinesiology tape industry because of their innovative solutions that are constantly evolving to improve patient recovery. Every month the company releases valuable blurbs with facts about everything from workout equipment to injury reports. In the company's most recent article, the company takes the time to discuss the history of physical therapy. This was particularly appropriate since October was National Physical Therapy Month.

The article discusses the original of Physical Therapy, which was a predominantly female field until the late 1930's. The organization, once known as the American Women's Physical Therapy Association, later became known as the American Physiotherapy Association in order to include men into the organization and profession. The PerformTex blog post also discussed the emergence of physical therapists or "reconstruction aides" during World War I.

Since then, physical therapy has made tremendous strides by incorporating training, school, research, and technology. PerformTex™ is known for their contribution of a unique physical therapy tape that assists people rehabilitate from injuries of all severity levels. From ACL tears to sprained shoulders, their tape is critical for improving joint stability and pain management. In addition to kinesiology tape, the company also sells stability discs, yoga equipment, and compression sleeves. The company recommends that readers consult with a certified therapist before embarking in any injury recovery measures. The company also suggests that readers discuss kinesiology tape with their doctor to see if it would be beneficial for them. Interested parties are encouraged to visit

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