PerformTex Instructional Video Series Surpasses 1.1 Million Views


Hatboro, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2016 -- PerformTex™ has revolutionized the injury recovery field by trademarking a line of elastic therapeutic tapes that is used by people of all athletic backgrounds. Over the last few years, the business has created over 45 instructional videos to show clients how to properly wear the kinesiology tape depending on the desired result. To date, the instructional video series has surpassed 1.1 million total views. The view count continues to rise due to the number of shares across social media platforms of Doctors and Physical Therapists alike.

As illustrated in the video series, PerformTex™'s innovative physical therapy tape has many uses. Support for ankle sprains and knee pain are the two most popular videos. Other favorites include instructionals assisting with golfers elbow, shoulder support, wrist sprains, tennis elbow, and shin splints. Fluid flow and joint stability can also be improved by using the PerformTex™ products.

The company has doctors and athletes in these videos give a step-by-step breakdown of the tape placement process to make it quick and easy for clients to follow. To keep up with the shrinking attention spans of internet surfers, PerformTex™ has made sure none of these videos exceed four minutes, and every video is informative and to the point.

From senior citizens with carpal tunnel syndrome to professional athletes with ACL sprains, customers rely on PerformTex™ to shorten recovery times and prevent future mishaps. The company's overall mission is to provide medically based design technology to improve athletic performance, decrease recovery time, increase fitness, and change lives. Individuals can buy kinesiology tape online or in select athletic retail stores. Interested parties are encouraged to visit or call 855-467-3972.

About PerformTex™
PerformTex™ is a manufacturer and online retailer of athletic support products, including kinesiology tapes, kinetic sleeves, and accessories, whose mission involves helping athletes enhance their performance while decreasing discomfort and recovery times. Their team of experts from across an array of therapeutic disciplines allows them to innovate new products, and help further the athletic industry. PerformTex™ is dedicated active lifestyles, sports, and wellness.

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