PerformTex Offers Athletic Accessories for Users of All Skill Levels


Hatboro, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2016 -- PerformTex™ is a Pennsylvania-based athletic supply company that has expanded from Hatboro, PA to across the entire nation. The company is most well-known for their trademark branded athletic therapeutic kinesiology tape that assists athletes of all levels to manage pain and comfort. In addition to offering kinesiology tape sales year round, the business also offers sporting accessories ranging for tape-adherent spray to yoga balls. There are three different types of sprays with unique purposes.

PerformTex's PerformPrep Skin Cleaner Spray is specially designed to be used with kinesiology tape. This sanitary spray rids the skin of dirt, sweat, oils, and residue to prepare the skin for maximum tape efficacy. This product is environmentally safe and hypoallergenic. The company's PerformStik spray can is the second spray to be used when applying the tape. This spray creates an elastic, tacky surface on the skin to improve adherence without affecting the tape. This product is unique because it can withstand moisture and contact sports.

PerformTex's third spray, PerformLift, makes tape removal as easy as possible. The purpose of this accessory is to eliminate painful tape removals that can occur when using PerformStik adherent or if one's skin is sensitive. This product is safe for all ages and skin types. The sprays are priced at $18 individually; however, PerformTex offers a 3-pack that gives you all three of them for $50 total.

Many physicians, athletes, and physical therapists claim that PerformTex manufacturers the best kinesiology tape on the market. The company is always looking for additional distributors, practitioners, teams, clubs, and associations who would like to partner up with the team members of PerformTex. Interested parties are encouraged to visit or call 855-467-3972.

About PerformTex™
PerformTex™ is a manufacturer and online retailer of therapeutic and athletic support products, including kinesiology tapes, kinetic sleeves, and accessories, whose mission involves helping athletes enhance their performances while decreasing discomfort and recovery times. Their team of experts from across an array of therapeutic disciplines allows them to innovate new products, and help further the athletic industry. PerformTex™ is dedicated active lifestyles, sports, and wellness.

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