PerformTex Offers More Than One Size Fits All Products


Hatboro, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2016 -- One size fits all products are marketed to consumers as convenient, but they often equate to awkward fits for many. PerformTex™ understands that a one size fits all approach is relatively ineffective, and is a lazy cost-saving strategy used by companies. The manufacturer of elastic therapeutic sports tape aims to reverse industry apathy toward individual sizing needs by offering customers with a selection of sizes of their products.

The most advanced product in the PerformTex™ online store is their Kinetic Pro Tape, which comes in Speed Green, Jet Black and Au Naturel. Those experiencing knee, back, shoulder and elbow pain, carpel tunnel, and other chronic or acute issues can use Kinetic Pro Tape for relief from athletic injuries. The product is available in five and 35 meter rolls, or five meter six packs.

For recently injured customers in need of classic kinesiology tape, the PerformTex™ Original Cotton Tape might be their best bet. The company's popular flagship product has been available for purchase via their online store since its inception over five years ago. Original Cotton Tape is available in the same sizes as the Kinetic Pro Tape, however, there are more color options to choose from. Anyone who wants kinesiology tape in green, orange, blue, black, pink, beige or grey can look no further than to the PerformTex™ online store.

Younger customers who have been recently injured in sporting accidents are also turning to PerformTex™ for their pediatric tape, which comes in a "Monkey Around" pattern. Five meter and six pack sizes are available for purchase. PerformTex™ also offers specialty tape products. Customers who need athletic kinesiology tape can visit the PerformTex™ website to view their inventory, or call 855-467-3972 for more information.

About PerformTex™
PerformTex™ is a manufacturer and online retailer of athletic support products, including kinesiology tapes, kinetic sleeves and accessories, whose mission involves helping athletes enhance their performances, while decreasing discomfort and recovery times. Their team of experts from across an array of therapeutic disciplines allows them to innovate new products, and help further the athletic industry. PerformTex™ is dedicated active lifestyles, sports and wellness.

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