Perry Mandera Chicago Clients Discuss Dixons' Latest Sales Figures


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- The fall of one of the top high street stores, Comet, has resulted in dramatically higher sales figures at other electrical chains like Dixons Retail. However, the figures have only risen within the UK and Ireland – according to recently released data, other countries in Europe have experienced declines in sales of electrical goods. Clients of Perry Mandera entrepreneur learned that Comet went into administration a couple of months ago, after a drop in consumer spending and excessive online competition; both took their toll.

However, clients of Perry Mandera ITA member noted that Comet’s failure has brought in more business for Dixons, a chain which includes shops such as PC World and Currys. Yesterday, a representative from the chain announced that Dixons sales figures across both the UK and Ireland had gone up by more than seven percent since last year, and had risen by another fourteen percent in the first quarter of 2013. The representative stated that this improvement in trading was down to the excellent offers it was providing customers with, coupled with the fact that it had gained a larger share in the market following its rival’s demise.

The chief executive from Dixons, Sebastian James, added that they are enjoying the success, but are not letting it go to their heads, as they are well aware of the current state of economic uncertainty. James finished by saying that he and his team want to make sure that the current trading levels remain just as high in the coming year. Unfortunately, whilst sales in Northern Europe are better than ever, clients of Perry Mandera Wikipedia fan, have noticed that the southern countries of the continent are not faring quite as well, with high employment and a debt crisis placing a great deal of pressure on retail sales.

Recent figures indicate that sales of retail goods across much of the Eurozone have continued to fall each month throughout 2013, and Dixons noted that whilst it has been experiencing a vast improvement in its sales in the UK and Ireland, it has noticed a decline of sales in its shops in Turkey, Greece and Italy. Dixons online retail arm, called ‘Pixmania’ is also showing signs of struggle. However, the representative from Dixons explained that they intend to end trading in more than half of the southern European countries that they are currently trading in, and even with the current difficulties in these places, clients of Perry Mandera boxing coach read that the electrical goods chain is still expecting its profits to rise by £10million by the end of this year.

About Dixons
Dixons has been enjoying a rise in sales, after Comet went into administration. But sales in Southern European countries are still falling, signalling that it may be time for Dixons to end its trading in these nations.

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