Perry Senko Looks to Start the Production of NV Chair with Funding Support via Kickstarter

VIPSeating Global is dedicated to changing the idea of outdoor seating by making significant advances in terms of technology, comfort, and modularity. The company’s owner Perry Senko is looking to raise $100,000 to complete the development of his new product NV Chair.


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- The objective behind this project is to complete the development of the most technologically advanced chair built to date. VIPSeating Global is an organization that specializes in offering the ultimate seating comfort for one, two, or the entire family. The company’s patented design makes their products easy to set up and transport. NV Chair is the latest product from the company, and a funding of $100,000 is required to complete its creation.

NV Chair is a patent pending product equipped with a plethora of advanced accessories including Bluetooth, water proof speakers, a multiple USB charging station, a modular table, a first aid kit which doubles as a lumbar support, memory gel neck support, a solar charger and DC power charger for a 12v battery, a retractable canopy, and a sturdy bottle opener. The design of NV chair features a lightweight aluminum frame with solid support for fall protection. The chairs can be folded, transported, or stored without any difficulty. The product comes with interchangeable skins available in a variety of attractive colors, patterns, and textures. This chair comes with a lifetime warranty, so it is the last portable chair you ever need to buy!

Creating any new product involves a series of expenses, and this is where crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter can make a serious difference. VIPSeating Global’s expenses for the completion of this project includes

-Industrial design cost.
-Cost of molds for production.
-Product testing cost.

The total funding required to meet all these expenses and deliver the rewards is $100,000, and Monday, December 1 is the deadline to raise this amount through Kickstarter.

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About Perry Senko
Perry Senko graduated from the University of Tulsa, with a BA degree. He represented his country in two sports which contributed to his passion for creating a better experience with an outdoor sporting product. Initially, it started with a canopy bench for soccer players to be protected when on the sidelines. It quickly led to more products as the demand escalated for better solutions for outdoor seating.

He worked as a designer in fabrication shop until 2004 when he started to manufacturer his own products. He patented his first canopy chair and bench in 2005. The chairs designed by Perry have appeared on Dragon Den, won many awards for best new promotional product and carried such great names on the back of the chair such as Ford, Subway, Toyota, and more.