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Personal and Business Development Guru, Joe Hammer Publishes His First Book on Subconscious Motivation


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- Joe Hammer, a veteran personal and business development expert, recently announced the release of his first book: "The Unconscious Authority—How to Break Through Your Mind's Barrier, Unleash Your Dormant Wisdom and Banish Limitations in Your Life, Relationships or Career."

Most people know that making New Year's resolutions is the easy part, however seeing the task through and honoring it for a long period of time can be challenging, most often resulting in unfulfilled resolutions year after year. The Unconscious Authority changes all that by addressing the unconscious "authority," a powerful, driving force behind life's direction. The author shares his Subconscious Motivation™ process, a technique for locking in permanent changes in one's life.

Joe explains, "The Unconscious Authority delves into the science of our mindsets, behaviors, hang-ups, quirks and habits ... as well as how they "got there" and what we need to do to truly change them, permanently. There are a lot of self-help books on the market, but The Unconscious Authority digs deeper."

Joe's Subconscious Motivation™ method goes beyond common affirmations, instead locking in permanent life changes by redirecting the power of the subconscious mind. According to the author, "making life changes by setting intentions on the conscious level by reading affirmations or the annual (and most-always-failing) New Year's "resolutions" are ineffective and short-lived.

The Unconscious Authority has been developed for people who recognize and desire changes in their life from fears to phobias; undesired habits to emotional reactions. The author cites a number of his client experiences in the book.

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Joe Hammer is a Transformation Leader, Marketing Strategist, Mentor and Lifetime Entrepreneur. Through his mentoring programs, workshops, seminars and consulting work, Joe has assisted countless clients in banishing their limitations, building their business and living the life they truly desire.

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