United States Personal Chef Association (USPCA)

Personal Chefs Benefit from Variety of Health Programs with USPCA

The United States Personal Chef Association Provides a Range of Insurance and Coverage Options to Its National Members


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- For over 20 years, the United States Personal Chef Association has provided insurance benefits to personal chefs all around the country. The USPCA continues to expand the health programs that it provides to its members. Over the past year, the USPCA has partnered with several companies to provide the most complete package of programs for personal chefs.

Some of the key areas of coverage include:
- A unique liability insurance, designed exclusively for personal chefs. Working through Nautilus Insurance, The USPCA provides each member with liability coverage when a member-Personal Chef is conducting service at the client’s home. Accidental damage or injury to the client’s property or person as a direct result of the Personal Chef’s actions are among the coverages available.
- A health insurance exchange. AHIX hosts an exclusive web portal for members of the USPCA to shop quality carriers like Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, and more. Members are able to apply online or over the phone and have direct, easy access to federal and state insurance marketplaces. There is no need to search through state and federal websites when the USPCA has a one-stop solution for nearly every member.
- Cash benefits paid directly to members. Aflac pays cash directly to USPCA members to help with leftover medical expenses and is available through a custom-branded portal. Rates for USPCA members will never increase due to age or claims.
- Business owner insurance for Personal Chefs and Caterers. Commercial West Insurance is keenly aware of the Personal Chef profession and the unique needs desired by members with a growing business, so it has teamed up with USPCA to provide additional liability policies perfect for the member base.
- A discounted pet health insurance plan. USPCA and ASPCA created a discount plan for member chefs and their pets. USPCA members are able to protect the health of their pets and save on veterinary costs, with the ability to see any licensed veterinarian across the US and Canada.

“With the changing landscape of insurance in the U.S., having reliable, cost-effective coverage is more important than ever,” says USPCA President Larry Lynch. “We continue to work hard every day to find the most relevant, beneficial insurance programs for our members. The USPCA currently offers customizable plans for the chefs themselves, their businesses, and even their pets. A personal chef won’t find coverage like this from any other association.”

Personal chefs can obtain these benefits by joining the United States Personal Chef Association. While some programs, like liability insurance, are covered by the annual membership, others are paid for by members using the discounts provided by the USPCA. More details about all of the programs that USPCA has to offer can be found at http://www.USPCA.com.

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The United States Personal Chef Association represents the interests and welfare of its personal chef members by proactively communicating and supporting the value of the personal chef profession in all matters impacting the profession. USPCA provides the cutting edge tools for members to succeed in their business while ensuring the public a unique culinary experience underpinned by the integrity and ethical values of USPCA and its members. View more at http://www.USPCA.com