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Personal Concierge Industry Booming, Few Understand Startup Process

Instant Concierge Success Package Helps Entrepreneurs Break into $1 Billion Personal Concierge Industry


St. Louis County, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2013 -- Catering to the cash-rich and time-poor, the personal concierge industry is booming and valued at an estimated $1 billion worldwide, according to industry watchdog the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association (ICLMA). However, entrepreneurs looking to start a concierge service and break into the industry have largely had to go it alone—no tested, proven personal concierge business plan was on the market... until now. Per announcement today, the “Instant Concierge Success Package,” a turnkey concierge business solution developed by Kathryn Collett, is now available for purchase online (

Previously a line of work specific to the hotel industry, personal concierge services have evolved into hyper-individualized services across a broad range of industries. From domestic help and home contracting to fitness, pets, errand running, auto care and even pregnancy, personal concierge services can be tailored to suit any number of individual needs.

A personal concierge can complete tasks in person or virtually. “The freedom, flexibility and potential for income truly is limitless,” says Kathryn Collett, creator of the “Instant Concierge Success Package” and longtime CEO of a successful St. Louis-based concierge company. But the availability of detailed and intricate instruction on how to start a personal concierge business is in short supply.

Prior to developing the “Instant Concierge Success Package,” Collett, who holds a master’s degree in management with an emphasis on marketing, spent more than 25 years as vice president of marketing for a St. Louis, Mo., television station. She would go on to found and operate At Your Service of St. Louis County, LLC, a successful personal concierge business, earning a six-figure income after just three years.

Nevertheless, success didn’t come easy, explains Collett. “I couldn’t find a blueprint anywhere, so I literally started from ground zero.” Although her experience juggling multiple deadline-sensitive projects, managing multimillion-dollar budgets, and directing creative staff members prepared her to own and operate a successful personal concierge business, she confesses: “I learned something from every mistake I made—and I made hundreds along the way.”

The “Instant Concierge Success Package” promises to make the process of starting a concierge service a hassle-free venture. By purchasing the package, entrepreneurs wanting to start a work-at-home business gain instant access to concierge business plans, step-by-step instructions on how to establish and maintain a competitive presence in the industry, and a comprehensive suite of forms, systems and marketing. The package is defined as turnkey, allowing entrepreneurs to retain 100-percent ownership of their companies.

“The Instant Concierge Success Package” is available for purchase on the company website (

About The Instant Concierge
The Instant Concierge was developed by Kathryn Collett as a turn-key system for people wanting to start their own personal concierge services. Kathryn is the owner of At Your Service of St. Louis County LLC, a highly successful and profitable four-year-old concierge business.