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Personal Development and Business Coach Launches New Support Group - Million Lives Team


Westminster, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- “I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon and I am not freakishly gifted in any single area. I spent the first 28 years of my life feeling sorry for myself and what I ‘wasn’t.’ My innate shyness, low self esteem, social awkwardness, and bad luck, were to blame for my complete lack of success in almost every area of my life. It wasn’t until I took responsibility for my life and career that things really started to change,” Todd Burrier says.

Who is Todd Burrier? Well, today he’s a personal development and business coach who’s broken out of his shell to teach others how to break out of their own and live remarkable lives that are focused.

Burrier has started a community focused on encouraging others to define their pursuits and set their sights on their goals with positive reinforcement through a committed group. He asks for no financial risk or required skills. All he asks is that people join the community with a positive attitude and a readiness to assist others in pursuing their dreams for their personal and professional lives.

For Burrier, it’s an opportunity to bring awakening to people who are in the same position he was years ago. To pick them up, enable them to strategize and hold them accountable as they embark on a much more fulfilling life.

The community Burrier has started is call the Million Lives Team and is available for immediate signup. You can learn more about the Million Lives Team and how to sign up online at

“My passion and mission is simple. I absolutely love helping people. It is easily my greatest joy. Over the years I have learned this simple truth: if you help enough people in life get what they need, you’ll get what you need,” says Burrier.

Join Todd Burrier and his Million Lives Team to start living a more focused, driven and joyful life.