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Personal Emergency Response Systems (Medical Alert Buttons) Available at CareGivers America


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2020 -- Aging comes with a lot of expected and unexpected changes. For many senior citizens, learning to deal with new physical limitations or medical conditions can be challenging. To deal with these changes, many older adults choose to retain their independence by living alone. This helps them maintain control over their lives and introduces a sense of achievement. However, living alone can also pose certain safety risks for senior citizens.

As seniors continue to age, they become more prone to falling and injuring themselves. One in four older Americans has suffered from a fall in the last year. Some even pay a visit to the hospital as a result. However, that's not the only emergency situation older adults have to worry about. Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in America. Strokes and heart attacks caused by heart disease are abrupt and require swift medical intervention.

For senior citizens who choose to live alone, the chances of these dangers proving fatal are even higher, since they don't have someone to contact emergency authorities. So how can they continue living alone while prioritizing their safety? The solution is a personal emergency response system.

A personal emergency response system, better known as a life alert system, is a life-saving device that all seniors should utilize. This device is actually a small button that alerts emergency personnel when it's pressed. The emergency personnel will notify emergency contacts, dispatch medical responders (if necessary), and stay on the line until help arrives.

Medical alert systems are incredibly user-friendly devices, lightweight, and easy to carry. Senior citizens can choose one of two options: either wear it around the neck or as a bracelet. The portable design of these devices also means they are on the person at all times and don't get left behind during an emergency situation. Utilizing a medical alert system can provide 24/7 emergency assistance and peace of mind to older adults.

All parties interested in purchasing a personal medical alert system for their loved ones in Pennsylvania are encouraged to contact CareGivers America, a leading private home care provider throughout Pennsylvania, including the Philadelphia and Northumberland counties. CareGivers America offers medical alert devices for the low price of $29.95/month, which may be 100% covered by some government funding programs.

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