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Personal Finance News Website Launches Its New and Easy-to-Navigate Site


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- PersonalFinanceNews.com, a website that offers readers a huge selection of articles all pertaining to personal finance news, has just launched its new and easy-to-navigate website. The site, which is an aggregator of the top news stories that pertain to money, includes articles from top-notch websites and other sources. For anybody who is looking to get personal finance advices or learn more about their money, PersonalFinanceNews.com is a one-stop shop for outstanding information.

Traditionally, learning about personal finance has meant spending hours researching different websites and browsing the internet looking for news organizations that cover this issue. Thanks to the new PersonalFinanceNews.com website, people who are interested in keeping up to date with the latest personal finance news can get all of the information they need in one spot. The site includes articles by CNN Money, DailyFinance.com, Forbes MSN Money, and many other reputable sources.

The home page of the website features the most current financial news stories from each of these sources, as well as a “Most Popular of the Week” section. In addition to a wide variety of news articles and stories, PersonalFinanceNews.com also features posts from many of the top personal finance blogs on the internet, including Money Saving Mom, Wise Bread and The Simple Dollar.

The website also has its own blog, which includes posts about relevant issues related to money, credit and spending. For example, a recent post on the PersonalFinanceNews.com blog discussed credit card rewards, and how consumers should take the time to be sure they are using the best credit card for them and their interests. In the case of someone who loves to travel, the article suggests focusing on using credit cards that offer miles, or travel-related rewards like hotel or restaurant points. Searching the internet for these types of credit cards, the blog post noted, involves knowing which keywords to use.

“For instance, the categories I use include: Shoppers, Diners, Household, Travel, Techies, Events Fans, and Business Owner rewards,” the blog said, adding that these tend to be the primary ways that people can use credit to get rewards, and if they steer their searches towards the most appropriate category, it will help to direct them towards the cards that are the best match.

Anybody who is interested in learning more about personal finance news is welcome to visit the new website at any time; there, they can browse through the vast selection of articles and read through the latest blog posts.

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PersonalFinanceNews.com was set up in 2012 and is an aggregator of the top personal finance news, stories and advices on the internet. It collects the headlines of the latest stories from the best sites and blogs that cover personal finance topics. The goal of the website is to enhance peoples’ online reading by displaying stories from sources that they are already visiting, plus helping them discover good sources that they didn’t know existed. For more information, please visit http://www.personalfinancenews.com