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Personal Health Platform Offers Solution to Rising Obesity Epidemic


Marina Del Rey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2014 -- A new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows that waistlines in America have been steadily increasing, with the average widening by nearly an inch in the last decade. With the new number hovering around 39 inches, America is in grave danger of obesity.

The CDC defines obesity as a waist circumference above 40.2 inches in men and above 34.6 inches in women. In 2011-2012, women’s average waist size was reported as 37.8 inches—well over the obesity marker. The CDC’s report also emphasizes the risk that comes along with excess belly fat, including heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and high cholesterol. While researchers don’t know why waistlines are increasing so steadily, they do know that the effects of obesity are universally detrimental and that weight loss solutions are sorely needed.

With the advent of personalized health tools like Apple iOS 8’s Health app, HealthKit, Nike’s FitBit, and a host of other would-be health gadgets and apps, weight loss should be easier than ever. Yet America’s trend indicates otherwise.

A new wave of weight loss approaches seeks to eschew the one-size-fits-all approach to dieting, fitness, and weight loss, and target individual’s distinct needs in order to create change. ph360 is one such personalized health platform that debuted in June.

ph360 is an online health platform that provides a personalized guide to food, fitness, environment, and lifestyle for optimal wellness. Using scientific calculations of each user’s gene expression and their individual biomarkers for personalized health, users following ph360 are having remarkable results with their health – from extreme weight loss to the end of migraines, insomnia, skin problems, digestion issues, and even serious illnesses.

ph360 CEO Matt Reimann, a future health expert, comments, “The current trend towards obesity is alarming. Action needs to be taken swiftly and in a targeted manner to address this culture-wide cry for help. From my years of working with Olympic athletes, epigenetic scientists, and physicians, I know that the only path to lasting health is one that is personalized.”

Addressing the medical community’s perspective, Dr. Phillip Wuth, M.D. of Carina Medical and Specialist Care suggested, “If patients are serious about their health, they must start taking a long-term preventative approach. This means a true commitment to personalized care, beginning with individualized diet and health plans.”

ph360 users have shown staggering weight loss results in just weeks. Gina, a young woman whose body mass index (BMI) was nearing danger of obesity, lost 20 pounds in one month. She says, “I was shocked at the list of foods the program gave me that are specifically for me, just by inputting my measurements. But once I got over the initial shock and implemented those foods that I knew, I was amazed. Utilizing the information that it gave me, I lost weight quickly.”

For more information about how ph360 can help intervene against obesity and jumpstart weight loss, see Media interviews with personal health expert Matt Riemann available upon request.

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