Personal Injury Lawyers in Texas - Hiring the Right One

Accidents resulting in personal injury are scary, especially if one is seriously harmed through the negligence or ignorance of another. If someone in Texas has been caused physical trauma via an automobile accident or other occurrence, that person may need an attorney to ensure the best treatment, etc, for himself. The following will deal with how to choose a good personal injury lawyer in Texas so one’s rights can be effectively protected.


Pittsfield, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- When searching for personal injury lawyers in Texas that have a good reputation and outstanding success rates, start by talking to other people who have been in a similar situation. Ask which firm they chose, and which lawyer worked on their cases. Find out why they chose that particular group of attorneys and why they felt confident in them. Personal recommendations go a long way toward narrowing one’s search for a good lawyer. Another way to find an efficient personal injury attorney in Texas is to go to the websites of the local chamber of commerce or state bar association. Neither of these organizations can recommend a certain attorney or law firm, but they can supply information about different ones that may help refine ones’ search. Be sure to try to choose a lawyer in short order after an accident, as there are statutes of limitations in Texas that regulate how much time can elapse between the injury-causing incident and the filing of a lawsuit against whoever caused it.

Other ways to find a good personal injury lawyer in Texas are to go to a university’s law library and talk to students and paralegals that are doing research there. Often, because these people work for and with attorneys, they can offer great advice about which ones are most effective and which ones to avoid. Set up initial consultations with a few personal injury lawyers and come prepared with questions to ask. Some of those questions should be about how much an attorney’s hourly rate is, what other fees will be added to one’s total bill, and who else will be working on one’s case with the lawyer. Observe the manner in which particular lawyers work with their associates and paralegals. One can gather a great deal of insight about a person by watching him interact with others. If an attorney advises taking an initial settlement offer and does not seem inclined to go to court and fight for one’s rights, continue with the search. Be sure to choose the personal injury attorney that will fight the hardest for one’s rights.

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