Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin

Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin Offers 100% No Win No Fee Personal Injury Representation offers a no win no fee service to claimants in personal injury cases and specialise in medical and dental malpractice suits as well as car accident cases.


Dublin, Ireland -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2013 -- Instances of personal injury are becoming more common as the world is becoming more densely populated, and much of that population is crammed into highly dense population centre’s. Dublin is the most densely populated place in Ireland and as a result, medical professionals, dental professionals and every day drivers are all at increased risk of making more errors and eventually doing someone harm. When that happens, the individual harmed is entitled to compensation, and Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin offer a no win no fee service ( to represent those people.

The company promises that clients will receive 100% of their compensation, and the company enjoys a great reputation with a success rate over 90% for those they represent. This is because they are diligent in establishing the legitimacy and eligibility of the claim before they move forward with the process.

The company has detailed all this on their website, which provides breakdowns for individual case types as well as general information about the company and the services they provide. It is designed to be easy to understand and accessible to all to encourage as many people as possible who have been wronged to take appropriate action.

A spokesperson explained, “ is the best place to find information about our service, where we have taken the time to explain in full the many factors affecting compensation claims and the unique way in which we go about helping our clients establish their eligibility and go about getting the compensation owed to them. We are also careful to offer complete transparency about our process to give potential clients ultimate peace of mind. We are happy to report our success rate has been well over 90% as a result of our industry leading practices.”

About Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin
Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin has taken out an insurance policy to compensate for the risk of not receiving any fees if the claim turns out to be unsuccessful. If the No Win No Fee case in Ireland is successful then the company receives what is commonly known as a “Success Fee” which is paid by the defendant’s insurer. In any event individuals have suffered an accident including Medical or Dental Negligence, they will pay nothing no matter what. For more information, please visit: